Summer is almost here

Just less than two weeks are left in our school year and that means library book check out has ended. We will work next week to get all books back on the shelves for a fresh start next school year. All students have brought home a “Last Day of Check Out” notice home that includes a list of books they checked out this week as well as any they had previously taken home. The notice also provides the date of your student’s next Library day when books will be due for return.

Some books may have been lost throughout the year; a few here and there always end up MIA. When a student loses a book (it has been missing for over a month), it gets marked lost in the computer and I wipe the students account clean. Those missing books tend to turn up eventually (sometimes students will even find books even after they have gone to middle or high school!) so I ask kids to look one last time at the end of the school year for those pesky runaway books. The back of the notice sent home has some great tips for looking for lost books that I hope students will use to be responsible for searching for anything they may have misplaced.

image by freepik

Books that don’t seem to want to turn up can be replaced (there are many ways to find cheaper and gently used copies of books online), reimbursed by cash or check or we can always find another way to work it out. Please just reach out so we can discuss! As a parent myself I am very understanding when it comes to lost items.

To wrap up our end of year I want to say how great it has been to spend another school year reading with and learning with your child(ren). I truly believe that they teach me as much as I teach them, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to get to know each and every student as they journey through their first chapter of their reading “career”.

I look forward to seeing them again in the fall! Until then follow my social media pages and stay up to date on library happenings!