Leveling up our library

With school starting in a few weeks I have some new exciting ideas for the library that I am focused on getting rolling! I am hoping to improve our comfortable reading area by refilling and replacing bean bag chairs. In addition, I hope to incorporate some new brain stretching activities into our space. I’ve recently picked out some games that I think the kids will really enjoy that encourage reading skills, creativity and best of all: fun! I’m hopeful to also add legos and kinetic sand as well as puzzles to build skills like memory, creativity and problem solving while also being… you guessed it: fun!

My goal is and has always been for my students to feel like the library is a place that they can come and be themselves, stretch their brains, challenge their creativity, grow their knowledge and feel at home. Libraries are so much more than books and information and I hope students will leave our school knowing that libraries are spaces that will always be there for them!

Help me make these improvements a reality for this school year and ones to come!

Use this Amazon wishlist link or head to Donors Choose to give to our library goals! Our students will be so excited to benefit from these awesome new items.