How You Can Help Your Child's Library

Did You Know Your School Library Has A Wishlist?

That's right, a wishlist.  So if you're a fan of reading, books and/or your school library, what better way to show your support ?

Our library is always in need of help, whether it be volunteers, recyclables, or donations.  On this page you will find ways to support the school library. Our students appreciate every little bit!

If you are willing to volunteer in the library shelving books or decorating/making displays, please do not hesitate to fill out a volunteer form and contact me once you are approved.  I'd love to meet you and work with you to give our students the very best library experience!

I've also compiled a list of supplies and recyclable items that always need replenishing for our craft and STEM projects and activities.  Here's what we look for:

Activity/STEM supplies:

Craft/popsicle sticks

Pipe cleaners

Legos/Lego wall


Plastic and paper cups of all sizes


Cotton Balls


Fabric pieces


Play Doh

Rubber bands

Masking Tape

Duct Tape

Clothes pins

Aluminium foil

Duct tape

Masking tape


Origami paper

Measuring cups and measuring spoon sets



Yogurt cups

Paper towel and toilet paper rolls

Other plastic tubs and containers (think butter tubs)

Egg cartons