Happy Summer ’22!

We are about halfway through Summer and I am already thinking about the new school year. I am so excited to get back in the library with the kids! Don’t get me wrong, I’m also enjoying my time with family and friends as we have been camping and relaxing quite a bit and plan to do quite a bit more. I hope that you and your family have also been able to spend some time enjoying the summer weather and making lasting memories.

Now that COVID restrictions have loosened a great deal, I am anxious to get library things back to “normal” and continue to work on making the library even more accessible and exciting for all students. Over the past 6 years I have restructured both schools’ library, moving books and re-cataloging and relabeling them with the goal of making it easier for students to find the books they love. I have already genrefied the entire fiction chapter book section and broken up the nonfiction books into topic categories to help direct students to their favorite types of books. This year I aim to categorize the Everybody (children’s picture) books by popular interest. This is a big undertaking, but will extremely improve book selection for all students, but especially our younger readers! I can’t wait to get this accomplished and share the results when it is complete.

I also plan to add games and puzzles to our library in order to incorporate more fun yet mentally stimulating activities that make the library more exciting to visit. I have added things to the Library Wishlist that will help me accomplish this. I hope to be able to add much of this as early as I can in the school year so the students will really be able to enjoy it. If you are able to purchase or donate any of the things on this list, it would be such a benefit to our kiddos!

As always, I get pumped up to begin a new year, meet new students and reconnect with current students. Sooner than we realize we will all be back together again with books in our hands! I wish you all a happy rest of the Summer! Be sure to like and follow my social media accounts on Facebook and/or Instagram to keep up to date on the awesome things that are going on in our libraries!