Fall Recap

We have been busy busy busy in the library since the start of the school year!  We began the year by introducing and reviewing some library skills and by reading some stories by award-winning authors.  We also had a lot of fun coloring our own bookmarks and doing a library scavenger hunt.  We have been incorporating technology into library activities using QR Codes and Google Forms and will continue to try out new ways to use technology in the library in order to be future-ready learners.

In November we tried to focus more on Non-fiction and spent some time discussing the difference between fiction and non-fiction, how they are organized in the library and some common features we find in non-fiction/informational text. To kick off the month I read President and election-themed stories and students voted on which type of book, fiction or non-fiction, was their favorite.  I tallied up the results and found that fiction books were the school favorite, but not by much.  It’s great to see students enjoying both types of books!  Later in the month we read books about Veteran’s Day and made “Thank You, Hero” pictures to honor those who have served.  We also read some Thanksgiving themed books and reflected on the Pilgrims and the very first Thanksgiving.  

We look forward to including STEM activities into our library routine now that our makerspace is functional. We will continue to work with non-fiction books and features through the month of December as well as talk about holidays around the world as we work our way toward December break. 

(To read about STEM and Makerspaces check out some of these resources: http://www.ed.gov/stemhttp://spaces.makerspace.com/http://library-maker-culture.weebly.com/what-are-they.html

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