End of Year Letter

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),

As we near the end of the school year, I would like to touch base with you.  First, I want to thank you for a great first year in the library! I felt so welcome and right at home in both schools.  I truly enjoyed working with your children and helping them find books that interest them and motivate them to read more.  I look forward to next year as we will be improving things even more to provide your student with easier access to books and an even greater love for the library while making increased connections between literature and other subjects, especially STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

My next order of business in this memo is to let you know that we will end book check out 2 weeks prior to the end of school in order to make sure we get all books returned by the last day of school.  The last week for book check out will be: June 5th- 8th. After that date, students will not be taking any books home, but will be expected to return any that are outstanding.

During the school year, any book that your child was missing for over a month was marked as lost in the system and they were allowed to continue to take out one book at a time.  So although your student may not have brought a notice home for awhile, they still may owe a book.  I have used this policy because it’s important that students have a book in their hand that they chose themselves in order to increase the likelihood of leisure reading.  My most important job is getting books in their hands.  So please understand that even if your child has been bringing home a book, they may still owe one.

On the whole, students have done an excellent job keeping track of library books this year! Notices will be going home of any book(s) that your child may have outstanding. These notices will include the purchase price of the book(s).  If your child comes home with one of these notices and you cannot locate the book, or the book is damaged beyond repair,  it is expected that you will reimburse the school for the book either in cash, check or by purchasing a replacement copy (hint: amazon.com often has them for cheaper than the originally purchased price).  This is the standard library procedure. However, if reimbursement is not something you feel you can do, please contact me.

Thanks again for a great year!  Enjoy your Summer!

Shannon Sibya
Library Technician
Alfred and Lyman Elementary Schools

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