Back to Library 2022

It seems as though we have gotten pretty accustomed to things changing quickly and often over these past few years. The way school has looked for students and staff has been in what feels like a constant state of upheaval since the Spring of 2020. How the library has operated has been greatly impacted by these changes, especially due to the community nature of the library space and library resources being ones that are shared by everyone, creating the potential for passing germs around. Luckily, after a few months of remote library lessons and a year of bringing library lessons (and books) to classrooms, we were finally back in the library this past year. It was a joy to be able to operate closer to “normal”, although our typical schedule was impacted still and I was seeing classes for a week at a time rather than weekly.

This school year, I am pleased to say, we will be back on a “normal” Specials rotation. What this means most importantly for Library as a special, is that students will be able to visit the library on a weekly basis and take home new books every week. I’m so excited for them to have this opportunity once again (or for the first time for a lot of our students). I am also excited to be able to feel more connected to both schools and their students. Going 3 + weeks at a time between seeing groups of students was difficult at times.

For families that are not familiar with our “old” way of operating in the library, or for families that need a refresher, you can find info about how I run the library on the Policies and Procedures page. You can locate information on things like how many books can be checked out, behavior expectations, how a normal day in the library goes for your student, etc.

I hope along with reverting back to our former rotation schedule, we will also soon be able to have more parents and guardians in the halls of our schools. I look forward to inviting back volunteers, and if you find yourself interested in helping out in the library, I would encourage you to fill out the volunteer form and reach out to myself and building administrators. There are always things that need doing in the library!

I want to wish all of our students and their families a wonderful 2022-2023 school year! I’m excited to see all of my kiddos’ smiling faces EVERY WEEK this year!