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Did You Know Your School Library Has A Wishlist?

That's right, a wishlist.  So if you're a fan of reading, books and/or your school library, what better way to show your support ?

Leveling up our library

August 9, 2022 Comments Off on Leveling up our library

With school starting in a few weeks I have some new exciting ideas for the library that I am focused on getting rolling! I am hoping to improve our comfortable reading area by refilling and replacing bean bag chairs. In addition, I hope to incorporate some new brain stretching activities into our space. I’ve recently…

Happy Summer ’22!

July 22, 2022 Comments Off on Happy Summer ’22!

We are about halfway through Summer and I am already thinking about the new school year. I am so excited to get back in the library with the kids! Don’t get me wrong, I’m also enjoying my time with family and friends as we have been camping and relaxing quite a bit and plan to…

Welcome to 2020-2021 Alfred and Lyman Elementary Library Special!

September 2, 2020 Comments Off on Welcome to 2020-2021 Alfred and Lyman Elementary Library Special!

As with everything else right now, things are going to be quite a bit different this school year for Library.  I’m going to quickly outline the changes and as always you can find a detailed description of my library policies (some still apply, others only apply to non-COVID library procedures) here on the website. In-person…

Welcome (and welcome back) to the Alfred and Lyman Elementary Libraries!

August 28, 2019

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Summer weather and got a chance to get together with friends and loved ones over break. I’m so excited for a new year with our amazing Alfred and Lyman students!  I am gearing up for another great year. During the first week of school, I will be…

Welcome Back: School Year 2018-2019

September 19, 2018

Welcome back to a new school year! The school year is a little over a two weeks underway and we are just starting our 2nd week of library classes.  I spend the first and last week of school with the library closed in order to get things taken care of that I do not have…