AES & LES Libraries 2023-2024

Happy Back-to-School!

I’m so excited to welcome new and returning students to our libraries this school year. It’s my 8th year as Librarian and it has been so fun to get to know the students over the years and grow with them on their Elementary journey. I look forward to sharing many new books with them and getting excited about reading together. As your child comes home these first couple of weeks of school, you will receive a newsletter from me with QR codes to follow me on social media and stay up to date with library happenings. Students will be practicing and hopefully sharing with you how they can take good care of their books and remember them on library day. Creating a procedure for where library books are stored at home helps keep things organized and aides in remembering them when it’s time to return them.

Please check out our Policies & Procedures page for information on how the library is run. You can find a link to the library catalog in the Resources section if you are interested in searching for books with your student at home.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Mrs. Sibya